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The Bum Project – Collaboration together with Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen

Description BUM


The Bum Project


In the midst of New York Fashion Week, artists Ida Jonsson, Simon Saarinen, and Beate presented a wearable replicating Kim Kardashian’s butt. The shapewear piece, that is made of silicon in  1:1 scale, gives the wearer a taste of what it feels like to have the crown jewel of the internet as their own cheeks.


The wearable is a part of “The Bum”-project, which started more than a year ago when Ida and Simon began mapping and analyzing all the images, measurements and facts found online of the butt. From this data, they were able to create and publish a photorealistic and true to scale 3D rendering made available to download on the site In an attempt to come even closer to the iconized symbol they teamed up with Beate.


“In a time where more and more people are undergoing Kim K inspired butt surgeries, we felt that there was an unexplored demand for this kind of options,” says Ida Jonsson.


“The piece is made out of flexible, flesh-colored silicon, made to function just like any other shapewear”, says Beate Karlsson.


The ready-to-wear fashion piece was presented during NYFW outside Spring Studios and on private events in front of surprised crowds. A limited-edition will be made available to order later this spring.


“Kim Kardashian is the poster child of the clickbait era, and her butt is a driving force behind the attention economy. This piece redistributes attention by offering the wearer a fair chance of getting their 15 minutes” says Simon Saarinen.

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